14 Reasons to Travel

By Sara | August 4, 2016

Choosing to embark on a long-term trip is a big decision. There are many sacrifices and compromises that come with extended travel, but there are also many amazing reasons why it’s worth it. Here’s our list of the top reasons to travel.

1. Bucket Listing

Travel is a great way to knock things off your bucket list. Not only does travel allow you to explore new places, but it also gives you the time to learn new skills and try new things, which is what bucket listing is for in the first place.

2. Meet New People

Even those who are solo traveling will tell would-be travelers that you’re never truly alone if you don’t want to be. From meeting other travelers at hostels to enjoying meals with locals, the wide array of people you meet will impact your trip and your overall outlook on the world.

3. Learn a New Language

The best way to learn language is to immerse yourself in it. By going to a country where the language is spoken and read every day, you’ll have far more opportunities to practice. Learning a new language can help in countless ways down the line whether you choose to continue traveling or use it in a new job.

4. Choose the Season

Tired of waiting all year for summer? With extended travel, no worries! Just switch locations to chase summer and follow a warm weather pattern.

5. Eat New Foods

It’s possible to travel around the world and eat noodles and chicken nuggets every day, but there are far more delicious dishes to try! Every country and city has a unique cuisine and your food palette will grow exponentially the more you try local foods.

6. Wake Up to A Perfect View

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side…until it is. One of the beautiful reasons to travel is having the ability to wake up anywhere you want. Whether it’s ocean views, mountain views, or big city vibes that you’re searching for – traveling has endless opportunities for amazing places to wake up to.

7. Stay Active Without Even Trying

Traveling isn’t for the lazy. Even if you take taxi’s and metro’s in every city, you’ll still end up doing a ton of walking. Traveling forces people to get up, get out, and stay active, whether you’re exploring a city or hiking to that perfect view.

8. Learn to Budget

For most people, traveling long-term means budget traveling. Learning to set and stick to a budget is a valuable skill that you can use for the rest of your life. We recommend downloading an app like Mint to get started.

9. Test Your Comfort Zone

Long term travel pushes people out of their comfort zone. This is one of our top reasons to travel because of all the opportunities that come from being unsure of what the next step is. Travel will make you test yourself and expand the your comfort zone.

10. Get A Fresh Start

Life isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t always work out the way we’d like it to. Whenever you need a fresh start, travel will be there. Travel provides a healthy outlet to start over, gain some time to think, and reestablish what your priorities and passions are.

11. Prove You Can

Confidence can be hard to grow, but is a valuable asset to have. For those who struggle to reassure themselves, travel may be a solution. Successfully navigating a different country that doesn’t speak your language can instill a sense of “I can do this” that can in turn give you a boost to try, and succeed at other things.

12. Catch Pokemon

While I personally do not understand why this game is so popular, it has been requested that I include it in the reasons to travel list. Traveling gives ample opportunity to walk around and catch Pokemon, so gamers, don’t forget your data plan.

13. Gain Perspective

The view of other people and places changes when the country next to you at the moment gets bombed. New habits form after seeing how people conserve food and water out of necessity. Finance takes a whole new meaning after meeting someone who lives off a tenth of your salary. Travel puts life into perspective in a way that’s not easily found elsewhere and provides a new sense of understanding.

14. Have Amazing Stories

There’s no doubt about it, traveling produces some amazing stories. Whether they’re crazy, funny, sad, or exciting, anyone who travels long term will come home with a repertoire of stories to hold close and share for the rest of their lives.

There are countless more reasons to travel, and everyone’s adventure will be different. Extended travel is a big decision, but we haven’t met anyone who’s traveled and regretted their choice. We hope that this list helps to inspire others who are hesitating to take the leap and try something new. If you’re still unsure whether travel is right for you, take our travel quiz to find out!

Why We’re Traveling for 1,000 Days

By Sara | July 2, 2016

Last week Greg and I announced that we intend to travel for 1,000 days on our vlog. We left a corporate lifestyle behind last December and have been on the road for almost seven months now. I wrote about why we left in this post, but at that time we had planned a six month to one year trip. Two months into our journey, we knew that we would be traveling for much longer.

Initially, we were traveling to a new city every week. We covered a lot of ground, but we were exhausted. From writing for this website, to filming vlogs, to worrying about our budget, we barely had enough time to see anything. So, we changed our strategy and started to travel slower. Spending ten days to two weeks in a city gives us enough time to work, explore, rest, and plan ahead.  We’ll continue to travel this way to better explore each place we visit.

The result of this is that we won’t see everything we’d like in a year. It just isn’t possible to do with our travel style. It’s not possible to do in 1,000 days of travel either, but our goal isn’t to see every country. We travel to experience and understand other lifestyles around the world while sharing what we learn with others and making an impact where we can.

It has become more and more apparent that problems arise when people don’t make an effort to understand other cultures. Stereotypes, biases, and superiority complexes form that can cause devastating problems as time goes on.

As a race, diversity should be a strength that we value, not something that we fear and shy away from. Travel helps break down barriers and strengthen our common goals as humans. The more places we visit the more we realize that although the world is complex, at the core we’re all the same. We all have goals, dreams, wants, and needs. We all require food, shelter, love, and purpose. Traveling has taught us so much in a short time, and we’re eager to continue learning.

1,000 days of travel will be difficult. It has and will continue to test our relationship, our resolve, our patience, and our health. We will need to be creative in how we travel, frugal with our budget, and kind to each other. In the long run, Greg and I will be stronger individuals from this experience as well as a stronger couple.

For those who still think that three years on the road is too long, here’s another way to look at it. In September 2018, Greg and I will hit our 1,000 days of travel goal. At this time, we will be 25 years old. We will likely have been to every continent, and we’ll have seen about 40 different countries. We will have self-planned and self-funded almost three years of travel on our own, and learned more about our world in those three years than most do in a lifetime.

To me, that seems like a pretty good investment in my future. At 25 years old, it certainly won’t be too late for either of us to re-enter the lifestyle we were pursuing before we left either.

1,000 days of travel is something that we thought about and planned for months. Most importantly, Greg and I have both found something that we’re passionate about, fulfilling our initial purpose for traveling. As always, we’re so thankful for the support so far, and look forward to what the future holds.

If anyone is planning to travel soon, check out where we are and send us a message to meet!

“We Quit Our Jobs to Travel the World” Responses

By Greg | December 26, 2015

Throughout the last several weeks Sara and I announced that we quit our jobs to travel the world. The types of responses we have received from family, friends, and even the occasional iHop waitress vary depending on who you ask, and almost every person we’ve run into has given us their thoughts on whether we made a wise decision or not.

1. The DO IT! Response

For the most part we have gotten great support from family and friends and we are so grateful! Every single person that fell in the “DO IT” category has voiced that they want to stay up to date with where we are and what we are doing. You guys are the best!

2. The You Quit Your Jobs?! Are You Insane?! Response

For some, the sheer idea of quitting your job without having another job lined up is irresponsible. These people don’t necessarily think that traveling the world is a bad decision, they just believe that it can only happen with a retirement plan, stock options, health insurance and enough savings to last 5 years. We’ll write more in other posts on why this is false. You don’t need to be rich to travel the world.

3. The Bombs and Wars, and Bad People, Oh My… Response

Yes, all scary and real things, but there is a chance of danger wherever you go, so why not see what’s out there? Does this mean we won’t take any precautions? Of course not, and if you plan on traveling you should take safety precautions as well. In almost every major city, there are places better left unexplored, but there are even more places that should be.

If you’re planning on traveling the world or taking any new path for that matter, it’s important to be prepared for others opinions because they will most likely be voiced. Everyone has an opinion, but at the end of the day listen to them all, consider the ones from people you care about, and don’t let negative feedback stop you from following your dreams.

Why I Decided to Just Go

By Sara | December 20, 2015

The day I typed, “should I quit my job to travel the world” into Google, I knew that my decision was already made. I was working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week at a company I loved but a department I didn’t enjoy. I wasn’t aligned with their values, I didn’t have time for myself, and I felt like my full potential was being wasted. After many conversations weighing the pros and cons of sticking it out, Greg and I decided to leave California to travel the world.

This decision took a lot of thought and is one of the tougher choices I’ve made during my life. Walking away from what many would call a dream first job out of college has been terrifying and empowering at the same time.

At the end of the day, I chose to listen to a pull in my gut that was whispering, “just go” instead of the “cha-ching” sound of my stock options. So here we are, backpacks in tow heading home for a holiday that would not have happened if I decided to silence my wanderlust.

Greg and I will be driving to Wisconsin for Christmas and New Years. Then we’ll drive the East Coast USA before leaving for our first destination abroad in 2016; Madrid, Spain.

When I started telling people that I quit my job to travel the world, I expected that I would meet resistance. To my surprise, almost every single person was supportive.

Time will tell whether I made a wise decision or not, but for those wanting to travel, just go. If this is truly something you want, there are very few excuses for not making it happen.

Greg and I found a way to break our lease early, store four cars and all of our furniture, save for the trip, get a series of travel vaccines, and find people to care for two dogs – all within one month of deciding to travel. Whatever your passion is, just go and do it. Life is too short to not be enjoyed to the fullest.

This will be the most exciting and daring thing I’ve ever done, and I’m eager to share it with you. Follow our travels at gregandsara.net as well as check out our Youtube and Instagram accounts for frequent updates! If anyone wants to grab a cup of coffee during our travels, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!