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14 Reasons to Travel

By Sara | August 4, 2016

Choosing to embark on a long-term trip is a big decision. There are many sacrifices and compromises that come with extended travel, but there are also many amazing reasons why it’s worth it. Here’s our list of the top reasons to travel.

1. Bucket Listing

Travel is a great way to knock things off your bucket list. Not only does travel allow you to explore new places, but it also gives you the time to learn new skills and try new things, which is what bucket listing is for in the first place.

2. Meet New People

Even those who are solo traveling will tell would-be travelers that you’re never truly alone if you don’t want to be. From meeting other travelers at hostels to enjoying meals with locals, the wide array of people you meet will impact your trip and your overall outlook on the world.

3. Learn a New Language

The best way to learn language is to immerse yourself in it. By going to a country where the language is spoken and read every day, you’ll have far more opportunities to practice. Learning a new language can help in countless ways down the line whether you choose to continue traveling or use it in a new job.

4. Choose the Season

Tired of waiting all year for summer? With extended travel, no worries! Just switch locations to chase summer and follow a warm weather pattern.

5. Eat New Foods

It’s possible to travel around the world and eat noodles and chicken nuggets every day, but there are far more delicious dishes to try! Every country and city has a unique cuisine and your food palette will grow exponentially the more you try local foods.

6. Wake Up to A Perfect View

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side…until it is. One of the beautiful reasons to travel is having the ability to wake up anywhere you want. Whether it’s ocean views, mountain views, or big city vibes that you’re searching for – traveling has endless opportunities for amazing places to wake up to.

7. Stay Active Without Even Trying

Traveling isn’t for the lazy. Even if you take taxi’s and metro’s in every city, you’ll still end up doing a ton of walking. Traveling forces people to get up, get out, and stay active, whether you’re exploring a city or hiking to that perfect view.

8. Learn to Budget

For most people, traveling long-term means budget traveling. Learning to set and stick to a budget is a valuable skill that you can use for the rest of your life. We recommend downloading an app like Mint to get started.

9. Test Your Comfort Zone

Long term travel pushes people out of their comfort zone. This is one of our top reasons to travel because of all the opportunities that come from being unsure of what the next step is. Travel will make you test yourself and expand the your comfort zone.

10. Get A Fresh Start

Life isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t always work out the way we’d like it to. Whenever you need a fresh start, travel will be there. Travel provides a healthy outlet to start over, gain some time to think, and reestablish what your priorities and passions are.

11. Prove You Can

Confidence can be hard to grow, but is a valuable asset to have. For those who struggle to reassure themselves, travel may be a solution. Successfully navigating a different country that doesn’t speak your language can instill a sense of “I can do this” that can in turn give you a boost to try, and succeed at other things.

12. Catch Pokemon

While I personally do not understand why this game is so popular, it has been requested that I include it in the reasons to travel list. Traveling gives ample opportunity to walk around and catch Pokemon, so gamers, don’t forget your data plan.

13. Gain Perspective

The view of other people and places changes when the country next to you at the moment gets bombed. New habits form after seeing how people conserve food and water out of necessity. Finance takes a whole new meaning after meeting someone who lives off a tenth of your salary. Travel puts life into perspective in a way that’s not easily found elsewhere and provides a new sense of understanding.

14. Have Amazing Stories

There’s no doubt about it, traveling produces some amazing stories. Whether they’re crazy, funny, sad, or exciting, anyone who travels long term will come home with a repertoire of stories to hold close and share for the rest of their lives.

There are countless more reasons to travel, and everyone’s adventure will be different. Extended travel is a big decision, but we haven’t met anyone who’s traveled and regretted their choice. We hope that this list helps to inspire others who are hesitating to take the leap and try something new. If you’re still unsure whether travel is right for you, take our travel quiz to find out!