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8 Must Have Travel Electronics

By Sara | May 17, 2016

Before we started traveling, Greg and I did a ton of research on what travel electronics to bring. We factored in the space they’d take up, the overall usefulness, and whether they’d work all over the world. Here is our list of the top travel electronics we can’t live without.

1. World Adapter

This is the most useful travel electronic device that anyone can have, no matter what type of travel you’re doing. The outlets and power voltages are different depending on what country you go to, so having a device that can adapt anywhere is a lifesaver. We’ve had excellent success with the Orei M8 Plus all across mainland Europe, the UK, and Africa.

2. Mini Outlet Expander

Almost as valuable as the world adapter, this travel electronic is for anyone traveling with more than one device. In most hotels, hostels, and even Airbnb’s there are only one or two outlets – and even then, with only one power converter, the need for multiple ports is great. This mini expander is perfect with three charging spots and two USB ports. We’re able to charge all of our electronics at once with no hassle.

3. Portable Battery Pack

This is another life-saving travel electronic. Your phone will get a lot of use while you’re traveling because it serves as a navigation lifeline, connection to the rest of the world, currency converter, and language translator. The down side is that the battery drains quicker than at home. Having this light, portable charger in our day pack has helped us out many times over again and we never leave without it.

4. Headphones

Let’s face it. Hostels can be noisy, busses can be loud, and sometimes you just don’t want to talk to that stranger next to you on an airplane. Whether you choose the smaller earphones that came with your phone or a nice pair of headphones, this is one travel electronic that you won’t want to not have.

5. Memory Cards

Whether you’re going on a one week vacation or a two year trip, photos are priceless. For many travelers, the 8GB memory cards will not be enough to store an entire trip, and if you’re taking video, the space drops even more. We recommend getting a 64GB memory card for both your camera and GoPro so that space is never an issue, or at the very least will last a while before having to move footage and photos elsewhere.

6. Spare Batteries

While most travel electronics no longer run on batteries, some still do. A great investment is a set of rechargeable batteries. Also, if you plan on vlogging or recording any part of your trip, a GoPro is a great accessory to bring. We quickly learned however, that the GoPro battery isn’t meant for all-day recording, so having backup batteries is a must. We bought these after we began our trip, but won’t start another on with them.

BONUS: The SmaTree batteries (linked above) come with a charging port that works with the GoPro brand batteries as well, so you can charge them all overnight for a set of fully charged batteries the next day.

7. SIM Card Holder

Depending on your phone plan overseas, you may be switching SIM cards a lot. Those things are tiny. Tiny things get lost. Don’t lose SIM cards. This holder is small, light, and easily stores international SIM cards so you can switch them out with ease.

8. External Hard Drive

Last but definitely not least, a backup drive. The worst thing can and does happen – hard drives fail. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Bite the bullet and get a backup drive. Use it regularly so those precious photos from your travels are a forever keepsake.

We hope that this list helps you get all the travel electronics you need to travel to whatever part of the world you choose. Have a must-bring electronic item we missed? Let us know in the comments below!