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    About Us

Hey! We’re Greg and Sara, the authors and creators of this website. We’ve been together for nine years and have been each other’s best friend, battle buddy, and partner in crime through it all. Together we graduated college, moved to California, worked the corporate ladder, and traveled around the world. Now you can find us in Austin, Texas selling real estate and coding websites.

Growing up, I was the kid who always played it safe, and Greg was the kid who took every risk. While both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks, one of our biggest strengths as a couple is that together we create a healthy balance of stability and spontaneity.

In December of 2015, Greg and I left our life in California to travel the world.

Over the next year and a half we had the adventure of a lifetime. We ate pastries in Paris, drank with the locals in Spain, trekked through the Sahara desert in Morocco, toured skyscrapers in Dubai, and explored the subcontinent of India.

Traveling the world with nothing but two backpacks taught us a lot about ourselves, a lot about the world, and a lot about each other. We both agree it was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Our next adventure involved moving to Austin, Texas. We’ve both been pleasantly surprised at how quickly we found ourselves calling Austin ‘home’, and over the last few years have enjoyed putting some roots down and building our first home.

Today, Greg manages a team of graphic designers and web developers for a company called MediaSmack, and I run my own business selling real estate. We’re getting married in December of 2020, and last year welcomed our daughter, Avery into our family.

We feel very fulfilled in all we’ve experienced together so far, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

We flipped a coin to figure out who would write the About Page, and I, Sara ended up the victor. So, here’s our story.

Greg and I met in college, and it was love at first sight. Just kidding. Greg approached me in the library and asked me if I thought zombies were real. Needless to say, I thought he was weird. Luckily, the University was holding a film festival and Greg asked me if I wanted to enter it with him. I said yes, and a beautiful relationship began.

Fast forward a year and we were starting Sophomore year together. We shared one class, and I always got frustrated that Greg would’t start his projects until the night before, while I’d have them done weeks before they were due. This is when we first started to realized that our strengths were opposite in almost every way, and began working on school assignments things together. This was also the year that Greg was featured on ESPN, and won an NCAA national wrestling championship, an All American award, and the Outstanding Wrestler of the Year award in the same day. It was a proud moment.

During our Junior year, Greg began to pursue different business ventures and chose to continue his education online instead of at our University. He moved back to Texas and taught himself how to code and perfect digital design, and in Wisconsin I got hired by Apple Retail and decided to triple major. We were both pretty busy for a while. Working at Apple inspired me to get a jump start on my career, so I decided to take overload credits so I could graduate a semester early. Greg and I maintained a long distance relationship for about a year and a half while I finished school, and Greg helped from afar by sending me giant surprise boxes of black tea so I could stay up to write all my papers and Senior projects in time. Greg flew to Wisconsin in December of 2014 for my graduation ceremony and was there to celebrate with me as we closed the “college” chapter of our lives. Another proud moment. A few months and vacations later, I accepted a job with Apple in Silicon Valley, California.

Greg packed up the Texas house and drove a huge moving van across the country in 24 hours. I took a flight from Wisconsin and arrived much less sleepy, but very grateful to have a boyfriend who loves driving. We moved into a nice apartment in a nice area with a good-paying job and fell in love with northern California.

California is amazing, and was a place where we both felt ‘home’. My new job was incredibly demanding though, and I was working over ten hours per day six days a week. It took a toll on my happiness, our relationship, and my health. We stuck it out for about a year and decided enough was enough.

In December, we Greg packed everything up again, broke our apartment lease, bought every
gregandsara domain available, and began our world travels. It hasn’t always been easy and
there are new challenges every day, but we both agree that it’s the best thing we’ve ever done.