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How To Travel the World As A Couple

By Sara | July 15, 2016

Let’s be clear: traveling with your significant other isn’t always as amazing as it sounds. Sure, you make countless memories together, are with each other for all the ups and downs, and know each other better than anyone else. But, there are times when traveling with your significant other is incredibly difficult.

Traveling with another person means true, 24/7 contact. You take transportation together, explore together, relax in together, and maybe even work together. That much togetherness can get exhausting quickly, and it can be easy to take out frustrations on your partner. However, there are ways to adapt in order to have a more harmonious trip as well as strengthen your relationship. The five tips below contain a few suggestions on how to travel the world as a couple.

Tip 1: Alone Time is Okay

This is tip number one for a reason. Even couples that live together don’t typically spend 24/7 together, so it’s important to schedule out time for yourselves to stay sane. Whether one person explores with another fellow traveler while the other has a Netflix day or whether you work in different rooms of an Airbnb to get some breathing space, taking time to recharge alone will help both parties appreciate each other’s presence more.

Tip 2: Remember the HALT Rule

My mother taught me this rule and it’s true what they say: mom’s know everything. HALT stands for ‘hungry’, ‘angry’, ‘lonely’, ‘tired’. If you or your significant other are feeling any of these things, don’t engage in an argument or debate. Solve the HALT issues first, and then see if it’s still a discussion worth having.

Tip 3: Communicate

Once the HALT factors are solved for, make sure to remember to communicate clearly with your partner. This includes sharing the joys, excitement, fears, and failures openly with each other and never forcing one person to play a guessing game of what the other person is thinking or feeling.

This also means communicating in a way that resonates with the other person. Knowing your partner’s love language and preferred communication styles can prevent many problems before they even arise. The more that issues or potential issues are talked about and worked towards together, the more peaceful and loving the relationship will be.

Tip 4: Share Responsibilities

Traveling the world alone is hard enough, and though there are many great reasons to travel the world as a couple, there are also many additional challenges. It’s important to share the workload equally so that no one party feels like they are pulling more weight than another, and no one party feels a lack of purpose.

The best way we found to to this is to write down all of the daily and weekly tasks that need to be accomplished (blogging, video recording, planning transportation, planning itineraries in cities, brand connections, making money, etc.) and then divide them up equally, or in a way that works best for you as a couple. Having an equal workload can help to increase understanding between couples as well as make each person feel like what they contribute is valuable.

Tip 5: Don’t Take Your Partner for Granted

This last tip is so crucial and yet so easy to fall into a habit of. It’s not easy spending so much time with the same person, but if you can sustain long term, or even short term travel together, then you’ll be that much stronger for any other obstacle that comes in life. A huge part of making it all work is appreciating the things that your partner does and letting them know that.

Whether it’s little things like her making coffee and breakfast every morning or big things like him staying up late to finish projects, let your partner know that they are appreciated. Likely, you’re the only one they’re hearing it from on the road which makes it all the more important.

These tips aren’t everything that goes into making a relationship work on the road, but they’re a good start for those wanting to travel the world as a couple. Have any couple’s travel tips? Comment below!