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"The tech capital of India"

Bangalore, also called Bengaluru, is a capital city in the state of Karnataka, India. Well known for being the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a working city for many global tech companies. It also has a large variety of parks and nightlife options around M.G. and brigade road.

We had wanted to see Bangalore, since our home in California resided in the heart of Silicon Valley. Though Bangalore has a many tech workers, we didn’t find the city very impressive if compared on a similar scale to Silicon Valley, California.

The staple items like coffee culture, green environments, and quirky office culture were not readily apparent,  letting down some of our expectations. We did enjoyed the parks that Bangalore has, along with some higher end shopping malls downtown.

We’re glad that we saw what the hype was about, but wouldn’t advise spending more than a day or two exploring Bangalore on a trip to India.



Things To Do

Flowers Bangalore
Lalbagh Gardens

Botanical garden

Bangalore City Castle
Bangalore Palace

City palace

M.G. Road

Long road with shopping and restaurants

Brigade Road

Major shopping area


All you can eat Italian cafe

Art of Living International Center

Meditation center

15 Day Cost Breakdown









Note: The figures above represent the costs for two people