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"The Himalyan adventure sport capital"

Manali is a backpacker and honeymoon retreat town in the Himalayas. Set right in the middle of scenic mountain ranges and the rushing river Beas, it’s a fantastic place to base for adventure activities. Nearby hotspots include Solang Valley, Parvati Valley, and Rohtang Pass, where visitors can cliff-jump, paraglide, hike, raft, and more.

Manali ranked high on our list for places to see in India, and we were not disappointed! The city is broken up into two parts; Old Manali and New Manali. Old Manali is full of hills and guest houses with the occasional Mom and Pop restaurant. In contrast, New Manali is a bustling town lined with shops and restaurants.

During the winter months, nights are freezing cold, both the Himalayan natives provide thick blankets in each of the guest houses, along with a scorching hot cup of chai tea. In Old Manali especially, everyone knows each other and you’ll soon feel like family.  Litters of puppies, oxen, herds of sheep, and horses are common sights in Manali, and the animals are the most friendly we’ve come across in India.

Manali is a great place for those who don’t mind a bit of cold, and who enjoy small towns and adventure sports. There are endless activities if you look for them, or else grab a book and enjoy the views!



Things To Do

temple manali
Bijli Mahadev Temple

Sacred temple with stunning views

Rohtang Pass

Snow sports

Hot Springs

Hike to natural hot springs

Mall Road

Main street in New Manali with shops

Solang Valley

Paragliding, zorbing, adventure sports

Drifters Cafe

Well known local cafe with good food

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Note: The figures above represent the costs for two people