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    New Delhi

"Organized chaos at its finest"

Delhi is one of India’s largest metropolitan areas. Located in the northern part of India, Delhi is comprised of two major parts; New Delhi and Old Delhi. Old Delhi holds many of Delhi’s tourist attractions like the iconic Red Fort, Jama Masjid mosque, and vibrant bazaar Chandni Chowk. New Delhi is more modern and spread out, and has a number of parks and new restaurants.

Delhi was our first city in India, and a great place to get an introduction to the country. The size of Delhi cannot be truly understood until arriving, and visitors should plan to spend at least several days in the city to see the major sites.

Delhi is chaotic, vibrant, and busy. There are people, rickshaws, and street vendors everywhere, along with a think layer of smog. While we enjoyed sight-seeing the city, the smog was at times very intense, which put a damper on walking around.

We enjoyed taking rickshaws to get around the city, and could get most places for under $2. Walking in Delhi is an option, but the driving in India is unorganized and visitors should be cautious so they don’t get hit.

There are a number of great hostels and Bnb’s to stay at in Delhi, costing between $5 and $7 per night. After 10 days in the city, we were ready to get some fresh air and easily booked an overnight bus to the himalayas. Overall we enjoyed our time in Delhi, and think of it as a great place to start off an India trip.



Things To Do

red fort things to do delhi
Red Fort

Symbol of Delhi and India

Chandi Chowk

Busy street market

Qutub Minar

Tallest minaret in the world

Lotus Temple

Flower shaped temple and garden

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Park with over 100 monuments and view of Qutub Minar

India Gate

War memorial

10 Day Cost Breakdown









Note: The figures above represent the costs for two people