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"Welcome to the Holy Land"

Jerusalem has been a highly traveled place of worship since the biblical era. For Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike, Jerusalem holds deep meaning and religious significance. Sites like Temple Mount, the Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Mount of Olives, and the Dome of the Rock are all places that many people visit on personal journeys to the Holy Land.

Jerusalem was a city that we had wanted to visit for a long time, and became a place that we have plans to return to. Starkly different than its neighboring city, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem has a vibe that is different than anywhere else in the world.

Almost everyone we met in Jerusalem was there because they truly wanted to be. We met countless expats who moved to Jerusalem due to zionism, and plenty more people who were on extended trips for a personal or religious journey. It was common to walk into any home on a Saturday night and have long conversations about God, and even the markets were filled with religious items of significance.

As to be expected, with any religiously charged place, conflict is bound to occur. A shooting happened the day we arrived, and tensions could be felt between the Jews and the Arabs at prominent sites like the Western Wall. Overall, people seem to coexist peacefully enough, but the city is segregated into different quarters by religious affiliation.

Since we got sick in Jerusalem, we didn’t see everything we planned to, and will return to Israel at a later time to explore the sites more.



Things To Do

Mount of Olives

Mountain ridge, cemetery, and religious site

western wall jerusalem
Western Wall

Religious access point to Temple Mount

Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial

Israels official memorial to holocaust victims

Old City

Original 1km area within the new city of Jerusalem

Mahane Yehuda Market

Food market with fresh goods daily

Arab Souks

Shops and bargaining area in the old city

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