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"Bulgaria’s beach resort hub"

Burgas is a city on the Bulgaria Black Sea Coast. It is considered a province and includes 13 other municipalities, many of which are popular beach resorts. Burgas has a bustling city center and its own city beach. It is often used as an accommodation base for travelers exploring the coastal resorts.

During our week long stay in Burgas, we visited several beaches in the Burgas province. All of the beaches are within a 30 minute bus ride, with busses leaving every half hour. This made it relatively easy to explore the area without too much hassle.

Every beach has a different vibe to it. Where the famed Sunny Beach was a busier place with tons of water sports, Perla beach was quiet and peaceful. The sun is hot no matter where you go and we learned the hard way that sunscreen is a must!

Overall, Burgas is a nice small town with a lively center promenade and beautiful sea garden. It’s an ideal place to base when exploring the Black Sea Coast!



Things To Do

Burgas City Beach
Burgas City Beach

Beach near promenade with shops and garden

perla beach burgas primorsko
Perla Beach

Beach with “pearl“ white sand

Burgas Sea Garden

Largest and best known park in Burgas

Sunny Beach

Popular beach with water sport activities

Mykonos Grill House

Fresh greek wraps near city center

Sozopol Day Trip

Popular city and beach destination

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