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"Colorful buildings, endless bridges, and tasty delicacies"

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is known for the Charles Bridge and its Old Town Square, the heart of its historic core. With colorful buildings, magnificent churches, and the Astronomical clock, Prague is a European city that shouldn’t be missed.

Prague is a city that we could see ourselves coming back to over and over again. There’s something about it that just feels like home. From the colorful buildings to scenic walks to amazing food, Prague is a place that ranks high on our list.

The cost of living in Prague is startling low compared to other cities in Europe. The koruna, or crown currency when we visited was 24 koruna to every dollar – an incredible exchange rate. One would think that with such a huge difference the city would be lacking in some way, but that just wasn’t the case.

Prague is one of the cleanest European cities we’ve seen and had a much lower amount of people smoking as well. The numerous parks were all well maintained and restaurants were booming with business.

The food in Prague varies so much in variety that everyone could find something to eat. We enjoyed walking through the Old Town and eating the street vendor food, which looked and tasted like it should be coming from a sit-down restaurant. Some Prague specialties were their hot honey-sweet wine and ‘trdelnik’, which is a cinnamon-like rolled pastry stuffed with ice cream and hot fruit. After a good meal, visitors can head to a variety of tea rooms to sit down for a while and sip authentic teas.

Getting around Prague is easy once you get used to the public transit routes, as Prague is categorized into zones, similar to other big cities like Paris. When the weather is nice, though, it’s better to just walk and see the amazing views and colorful architecture.

Overall, we loved our time in Prague and will definitely return!



Things To Do

Astronomical Clock

Huge clock tower

old town square prague
Old Town Square

Street food and local shops

St. Vitus Cathedral

Historic church

Prague Zoo

One of the most diverse zoo’s in the world

Dancing House

Uniquely designed tower with restaurant

Choco Cafe

Cafe with dozens of hot cocoa's

14 Day Cost Breakdown









Note: The figures above represent the costs for two people