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"High fashion, iconic art, and sophisticated culture"

Paris is a major European city as well as France’s capital. As a world wide gathering point for fashion, art, and culture, Paris is a popular tourist destination. Its terraced architecture is uniquely Parisan, making it a standout European city. With landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the Notre-Dame cathedral, Paris is a place not to miss.

Paris is a huge city, and one of the most popular places to visit in Europe. We were excited to see what the city had to offer and enjoyed a number of great experiences during our two weeks there. Having lunch inside the Eiffel Tower was an incredible experience that we’d highly reccommend, and of course seeing the iconic structures like Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, and the Louvre made the trip complete.

There are also hidden areas of Paris that are worth exploring. We enjoyed spending an afternoon at a cafe that charged by the hour instead of by the item. We could eat and drink as much as we wished too, and the wifi was free for all visitors. Another great way to see the city is to choose one of its many neighborhoods and just walk around. Each section of Paris is different and brings its own flavor.

It’s worth noting that we were in Paris just a few months after the terror attacks, and the citizens as well as the city itself held a bit of a somber feeling. It was evident that what was once a bright and chatty city is now more cautious. We’d still recommend a visit to Paris, but would give a heads up that the vibe may not be what visitors would typically expect from such a legendary place.



Things To Do

eiffel tower paris
Eiffel Tower

Iconic cultural tower

louvre paris

One of the world’s largest museums

Notre Dame Cathedral

Medeival cathedral

Sacre Coeur

Church with city views

Luxembourg Garden

Park created in the 1600’s


Pay per hour cafe

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Note: The figures above represent the costs for two people