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"Castles, hills, and scenic lookouts"

Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh is one of the two major cities in Scotland. Its structure is built in a tiered manner with two levels of streets throughout the entire city. With medieval buildings and lush gardens scattered through the city, Edinburgh is a picturesque place to be. Excellent views can be found in Edinburgh, whether from Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park or from the top of Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh was one of our favorite cities in the UK aside from London, and is a place we’d recommend visiting. The city is constantly abuzz and the people are incredibly friendly. Most of the shops in Edinburgh are locally owned, and visitors will be hard pressed to find a chain restaurant. Street performers and bagpipe players line the Royal Mile, Edinburgh’s major shopping row.

From a cost of living perspective, Edinburgh is more affordable than most cities in England, though pricer than other cities in Scotland. The weather is rainy almost every day of the week, a fact that can damper (pun intended) many outdoor plans.

Though visitors should plan to bring an umbrella to the UK, Edinburgh is a very walkable city. Even from most residential areas, the city center can be reached in 45 minutes or less by walking. This is due to the streets being built on top of each other and Edinburgh’s clever use of hills and stairs. Overall, we enjoyed our stay in  Edinburgh and would recommend it to those planning a trip to Scotland.



Things To Do

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

11th century castle with views

arthurs seat
Arthur’s Seat

Highest peak in Holyrood Park

Mary’s Milk Bar

Ice cream parlor with unique flavors

Princes Street Gardens

Major park and social area

Elephant House

Cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book

Royal Mile

Main shopping road

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Note: The figures above represent the costs for two people