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"An art, romance, and history mecca"

Barcelona is one of the most modern cities in Spain and has plenty of new architecture to prove it. Antonio Gaudi’s medieval work is still prevalent throughout the city while new pieces accent the old. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and visitors can learn much about the rich history of the city at a number of museums in the area.

Barcelona is one of those places that sounds amazing. The name rolls of your tongue and images of beaches and grand architecture fill your mind. Though these aspects are present, Barcelona was different than we anticipated. 

In relation to the rest of Spain, Barcelona’s cost of living is higher in all aspects. Food costs more, drinks are pricier, and accommodation isn’t as cheap as other Spanish cities. Barcelona is a busier working class city than central and southern Spain, and you’ll find more modernism in the amenities and architecture.

It’s definitely worth noting that many people in Barcelona consider themselves Catalonians, not Spaniards. They favor the Catalan language over Spanish and have been fighting to become their own country for some time now. If you plan to visit Barcelona or Valencia, try brushing up on your Catalan before you arrive!

For art lovers, Barcelona is a great city to visit. Walking through Gaudi’s gothic quarter provides ample opportunity for photos and artistic reflections, and of course there’s the Sagrada Familia and the Picasso Museum, right in the heart of the city. Art is a central and historic piece of Barcelona, so if that’s not your forte, a city like Madrid or Seville may be a better place to visit.



Things To Do

Sagrada Familia

Historic Church

Park Guell

Architecture Park

Museu Picasso

Art museum

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Fountain with lights

La Rambla

Street market

Carmel Bunkers

Hike to panoramic views

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