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"Turquoise beaches and party paradise"

The island Ibiza lies off the coast of Spain and is one of the most desirable vacation spots in Europe. Known for it’s wild party scene, Ibiza is home to a wide range of clubs and beaches, and is even featured in one of Mike Posner’s songs.

We weren’t initially planning to come to Ibiza, but our original planned city had a huge price spike in flights so we found the cheapest place we could go from Barcelona instead. Greg and I flew to Ibiza for 5 euros each (thanks Ryan Air) and thoroughly enjoyed our week in the Balearic Islands.

We came to Ibiza in February, which is major off-season for the island. This meant that beaches were deserted, many businesses were closed, and the locals wore winter jackets in 65 degree weather. It was exactly what we wanted. During the winter, Ibiza is quiet and beautiful, while the summer months bring booming business and tons of parties.

Prices are similar in Ibiza to the rest of Spain, but the clubs have exorbitant prices on everything, as most clubs do. For budget travelers, there’s no shortage of free things to do on the island whether you like to lounge on beaches or bike up mountains.

Ibiza is great place to travel in the winter if you’re looking for warmer temperatures than Spain’s mainland and a quiet getaway. In the summer, head to Ibiza for amazing fiestas!



Things To Do

Cala d’Hort

Beach and Views

Sa Talaiassa

Panorama Views

Ibiza Cathedral

Church and views

Pacha Nightclub




Can Terra


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Note: The figures above represent the costs for two people