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"Country music, cowboy boots, and southern charm"

Nashville: a city known for country music, cowboy boots, hall-of-famers, and being the capital of Tennessee. TV shows are filmed here, country stars are flock here, and everyone has a dream here.

Nashville, Tennessee was the starting point of our 2016 travels. It was the first time Greg or I had been to the city known for cowboy boots and country music, and we sure found plenty of cowboy boots and country music!

It just so happened that we arrived in Nashville on Elvis Presley’s birthday, so the whole city was abuzz with Elvis love. The streets of downtown Nashville had statues and posters of Elvis for the occasion, and we saw at least three people dressed up in full Elvis attire. The downtown scene (Music Row) was smaller than I had anticipated, but fun nonetheless.

Music Row is lined with bars and southern shops, and several stores contain nothing but hats and boots. If anyone couldn’t get enough boots to wear, there were even signs that had boots protruding from them. I’m telling you, this city is passionate about boots. Horse and carriage rides were abundant and it was easy to find good live country music.

Overall, we found Nashville to be more of a tourist city. Outside of downtown Nashville where you can find the beautiful Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry, it was much like other major cities. However, if you’re into country music, boots, and a charismatic small-town feel, Nashville should be on your bucket list.



Things To Do

Music Row

Street with bars, clubs, and shops

Country Music Hall of Fame

Country music museum

Grand Ole Opry

Iconic concert venue

Belle Meade Planation

Historic mansion and museum

Centennial Park


Chuy’s Tex-Mex

Mexican restaraunt

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