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Why We’re Traveling for 1,000 Days

By Sara | July 2, 2016

Last week Greg and I announced that we intend to travel for 1,000 days on our vlog. We left a corporate lifestyle behind last December and have been on the road for almost seven months now. I wrote about why we left in this post, but at that time we had planned a six month to one year trip. Two months into our journey, we knew that we would be traveling for much longer.

Initially, we were traveling to a new city every week. We covered a lot of ground, but we were exhausted. From writing for this website, to filming vlogs, to worrying about our budget, we barely had enough time to see anything. So, we changed our strategy and started to travel slower. Spending ten days to two weeks in a city gives us enough time to work, explore, rest, and plan ahead.  We’ll continue to travel this way to better explore each place we visit.

The result of this is that we won’t see everything we’d like in a year. It just isn’t possible to do with our travel style. It’s not possible to do in 1,000 days of travel either, but our goal isn’t to see every country. We travel to experience and understand other lifestyles around the world while sharing what we learn with others and making an impact where we can.

It has become more and more apparent that problems arise when people don’t make an effort to understand other cultures. Stereotypes, biases, and superiority complexes form that can cause devastating problems as time goes on.

As a race, diversity should be a strength that we value, not something that we fear and shy away from. Travel helps break down barriers and strengthen our common goals as humans. The more places we visit the more we realize that although the world is complex, at the core we’re all the same. We all have goals, dreams, wants, and needs. We all require food, shelter, love, and purpose. Traveling has taught us so much in a short time, and we’re eager to continue learning.

1,000 days of travel will be difficult. It has and will continue to test our relationship, our resolve, our patience, and our health. We will need to be creative in how we travel, frugal with our budget, and kind to each other. In the long run, Greg and I will be stronger individuals from this experience as well as a stronger couple.

For those who still think that three years on the road is too long, here’s another way to look at it. In September 2018, Greg and I will hit our 1,000 days of travel goal. At this time, we will be 25 years old. We will likely have been to every continent, and we’ll have seen about 40 different countries. We will have self-planned and self-funded almost three years of travel on our own, and learned more about our world in those three years than most do in a lifetime.

To me, that seems like a pretty good investment in my future. At 25 years old, it certainly won’t be too late for either of us to re-enter the lifestyle we were pursuing before we left either.

1,000 days of travel is something that we thought about and planned for months. Most importantly, Greg and I have both found something that we’re passionate about, fulfilling our initial purpose for traveling. As always, we’re so thankful for the support so far, and look forward to what the future holds.

If anyone is planning to travel soon, check out where we are and send us a message to meet!